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As a leading Commercial Lighting Distributor, Lightworld® offers Exit Signs, Emergency Lighting, Wall Packs and a full line of Lighting Fixtures to meet any of your commercial needs. Introducing our new LED Wall Pack Lights, LED Landscape/Security Lights & our LED Flood Light Line, Lightworld® is continuously expanding our product offerings to help better serve our commercial customers.

Lightworld's Featured Categories

Exit Signs

Exit Signs Save Lives! and Lightworld® has a vast variety of LED exit signs that comply with all Fire codes Local & National Standards. We offer a wide range of designs and features for LED exit signs including: attractive low profile designs, the craftmanship of die-cast aluminum, architecturally pleasing Edge-Lits, climate battle-tested, Eco-Friendly Photoluminescent, Self-Powered Tritium, NYC Approved and the Ever so popular Combination Exit/Emergency Light. We carry a Full line of Replacement Batteries & Retro-Fit Kits as well...

Wall Packs

Wall packs are the most widely used commercial outdoor lighting fixtures used today. Wall packs are powerful light fixtures that are installed in outdoor locations of commercial buildings. They use high intensity lamp heads that are energy efficient, durable, and feature low levels of light pollution. The different lamps styles (FluorescentMetal HalideHigh Pressure SodiumInduction) used in all wall packs are capable of producing bright illumination even in harsh environments that contain rain, snow, and sleet. All of our wall packs feature durable housings that are rated for wet locations thanks to a fully sealed and gasketed design.

Wall packs are different from more traditional forms of lighting because they must illuminate a large area while withstanding the elements and other forms of abuse that are commonly experienced in outdoor locations. Wall Packs are on just about every commercial warehouse, office building, school, church, parking garage and areas where a commercial light fixture is required. Also used with other light sources such as parking lot pole lights, outdoor flood lights and outdoor security lights are great for safety lighting and security lighting.